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Omni Josh Capsule

Price: 3500 PKR Price: 4000 PKR

Buy Omni Josh Capsule Best Price in Pakistan: 3500 PKR - Best rated product. Reviews from all cities of pakistan

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Pakistan Omni Power Capsule

dosage: 1-2 capsules with milk, twice daily.

Every capsule includes:

Alpinia Galangal Wind(Kulanjan) 90mg, Cod Liver Oil (Regmahi)40mg, \sAmber Gris(amber)10mg, \sCinnamomnum Zeylanicum (Dalchini) 15mg, \sCrocus Sativus Linn (Kesar) 20mg, \sMyristica Fragrans (Jatiphal) 50mg, \sMalbaricum Lani (Javitri) 50mg, \sMoschus Moschiferous (Kastoori)100mg, \sStrychnos Nux Vomica Linn (Kupilu)10mg, \sCopper Pyrite (Swaran makshik) 115mg.

StoreDaraz.com offers 50 capsules of Omni Gold Power Capsule (5 * 10).
There are Omni Power capsules in Pakistan and Karachi. Islamabad Lahore

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